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18 Tran Hung Dao street - My Thoi ward Long Xuyen city - An Giang province



The Total Quality Manager will develop, maintain and ensure compliance with quality assurance programs, policies, processes, procedure. Inspections, process control analyses or audits are conducted on a continuing basis as specified to enforce requirements and meet specifications. The individual will manage the quality function by providing work direction for quality engineers, quality control supervisor(s) and various levels of inspectors and interact regularly with engineering, manufacturing and service functions to establish quality standards for raw material, work in process and finished products.

- Train and provide development opportunities for staff. Ensure annual goals are complete and communicated. Ensure Global Performance Management System is up to date and regular feedback is provided to staff members.
- Coordinate team efforts, create and manage a regional strategy and team operating plan.
- Prepare work instructions, procedures & quality related documents.
- Carry out quality assurance audits, investigate quality issues and seek for corrective actions.
- Control on the measuring equipment being used related to product quality.
- Promote quality awareness to the company.
- Monitor the quality objectives, to prepare various quality analysis & performance reports.
- Provide technical consultation to the company;
- Lead cross-functional team on projects. Communicate and work with all levels of the organization. Manage a large multi-function program or a set of projects. Interact with colleagues, suppliers and customers.
- Develop, analyze and manage quality expenses.

- Bachelor’s Degree in any degree or Diploma in textile major.
- 3+ years manufacturing and engineering or related experience, with supervisory or lead experience preferred.
- Sound engineering and people-leading skills.
- Demonstrated understanding and skills in project and program management, including 3rd parties.
- Understanding of applicable computer systems, such as Microsoft Office and function specific software.
- Strong math and analytical skills. Strong organization and attention to detail. Strong scientific and engineering knowledge.
- Strong written and oral communication skills with ability to be an advisor to clients and build strong and sustainable relationships.
- Skilled in team building and experience in effectively working with cross functional teams.

- Negotiate salary.
- Fully insurance and benefit as labor laws.
- 13th months pay and bonus with job accompleted.

Time to receive applications: from June 18, 2024 to June 26, 2024
For further details please contact:
Please send your CV via email:;

Công ty TNHH Dịch vụ & Quảng cáo Thanh Tâm
Địa chỉ: 31 Xuân Thủy, KDC Hồng Phát, P.An Bình, Q.Ninh Kiều, Tp.Cần Thơ
Liên hệ: 0918.547.348 -  Email:
Mã số DN: 1800653200 do Sở Kế hoạch đầu tư TP.Cần Thơ cấp (cấp lại lần 3) ngày 13/06/2016.
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